We offer machine building in the form of  development, construction and production. We build to the individual customer's specification in the following range:


positioned welding of machine housings, constructions, hall elements etc.

turning and machining works (turning, grinding)

plastic metal processing (welding, bending)

thermal processing (hardening)

galvanisation (zinc coating)


In our manufacturing, we use wide range of machinery, which consist of the following:


- CNC Turning Center Haas SL 30
- Vertical four-axle CNC machining center Haas VF-3
- Surface Grinders
- Milling machines for gear shafts
- Conventional lathes
- Conventional milling
- NC-bending machine with a servo mechanism
- Cutting Machine
- Roll Grinders
- Bore grinders
- Drills
- Thread Rolling Machine
- MIG and TIG welding machines
- Hydraulic presses

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